The success of a company relies on its capability of building a committed and flexible workforce. They need a group of staff who are dedicated to continuous learning, developing themselves to keep pace with changes and taking responsibility for their own career development.

Insight Unlimited was found in 2007 with the intent of helping corporations and individuals to invent their future. To achieve this, we work with corporations to cultivate a performance culture and grow their human capital.

Our approach:

Most approaches to leadership/personal development focus primarily on competencies or capabilities, overlooking inner drives and motivations. When leaders discover not only what they are doing but also why they are doing it, they begin to see how these underlying assumptions impact their leadership effectiveness. We do not simply building the skills but also work with the leaders’ “vertical development” – increasing their emotional health.

We help leaders and individuals to identify their Enneagram Types. With the knowledge of their Enneagram type, they can appraise their own behaviours and responses, identify areas that could be improved and consciously plan to make these improvements. In this way leadership/personal development becomes more sustainable.

In this way both leadership and personal development become more sustainable.